Following two years of rigorous assessment, Metagenics is proud to be the first Natural Medicine company in Australia and New Zealand to become B Corp certified!

B Corps are part of a global shift to redefine success in business, from profits, to purpose, with certification being awarded by US based non-profit, B Lab, following an assessment of the company’s impact on all of its stakeholders – employees, suppliers, community, customers and the environment, against a set of environmental, ethical, accountability and transparency measures.

As a certified B Corp, Metagenics is guided by socially and environmentally focused principles that commits us to meeting high standards in these areas, not only in the workforce, but in the community and to the environment, with the goal of bringing positive change to the world.

planet Planet

We are passionate about minimising our impact on the environment, and have a dedicated team working on how we can continue to improve across these areas in the future.

While we are committed to operating at the highest ethical and socially responsible levels ourselves, we also like to ensure the suppliers we work with have a focus on their own social and environmental impacts, which we monitor via supply chain reporting.

Environmental initiatives span all areas of the business at Metagenics and include reducing water and energy consumption, improving packaging (e.g. starch, biodegradable bubble wrap), reducing waste (e.g. cardboard, plastic cups), promoting the use of sustainable materials, and conducting environmental awareness training, to name a few. Our $1.1 million solar energy project alone is expected to cover 40% of our energy needs by end of 2019.

Water Consumption

Reducing water consumption is a core component of Metagenics Environmental Management Plan, with rain water in use in many areas, including all gardens.

With a conservative target of 2% reduction per year in this area, this is a goal we are confident will be met.


Recycling is a focus across the whole business, with 250,000 cups alone having been diverted to recycle in the last 2 years! The Environmental Management Plan also covers reducing waste to landfill, with a further 2% reduction per year expected to be exceeded through careful planning and management.

people People

People have always been a priority at Metagenics, and are integral to our mission. As well as providing healthcare products that help many people every year; social policies across the workplace include Wellness at Work health initiatives, counselling services and training opportunities for staff, while staff also enthusiastically support The Smith Family and other charities at Christmas.

Heart Hand Purpose

This certification aligns closely with Metagenics’ mission and culture and is very aligned with the values under which the company was founded. 

Metagenics has been a long-time supporter of One Health Organisation in their mission to improve community healthcare for refugees and the vulnerable. Over a 10 year partnership with One Health, Metagenics has contributed 1.58 million dollars’ worth of stock, which equates to a 2.7 km high stack of nutrition and 8 tonnes of protein supplements. We are so proud of this partnership which allows us to reach even more people as part of our mission to help people live happier, healthier lives.

B Corp certification is much more than just a symbol of trust for consumers. Joining the B Corp community demonstrates our on-going commitment to operating with people and planet as a focus, but also provides a framework to assess and improve as the company grows and evolves.

While our B Corp journey has just begun, maintaining our B Corp status will continually challenge us to think about how we are affecting our environment, the community, our employees and our clients. We are very proud of our B Corp status and the company we keep among over 2700 other leading certified companies. In undertaking this certification, Metagenics accepts the challenge to lead through action, and continue to be a force for positive change in the world.




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